Mighty Eve

Mighty Eve, a pioneering feminine hygiene brand, champions confidence and comfort for all.
Brand Strategy
Brand Identity

The Challenge

Mighty Eve faced the pivotal pre-launch phase without a defined brand strategy, hindering investment prospects and market entry. The challenge was crafting a comprehensive brand strategy from scratch to lay a strong foundation for their market debut.

The Solution

To meet this challenge head-on, our team undertook a comprehensive approach. We meticulously crafted a brand strategy from scratch, encompassing every aspect from brand positioning to communication frameworks, brand personality development, and the creation of impactful visual elements. Our goal was not just to create a brand, but to forge a movement - one that seamlessly blended style, comfort, and sustainability while empowering individuals to embrace their uniqueness and feel fiercely fabulous every day of the month. Through qualitative and quantitative research, creative brainstorming, and strategic implementation, we brought Mighty Eve's vision to life, enabling them to launch with confidence from the inside-out.

What they say

"Working with EMBR has been absolutely fantastic at helping us bring the Mighty Eve brand to life. They spent a lot of time to really understanding our brand and ethos before helping us communicate our mission to the world. Thanks so much EMBR Brand Agency, we absolutely love you!!!"

Sara - Founder
Mighty Eve

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