HAÛS is a new leadership development consultancy, on a mission to guide ambitious women on their journey of self-discovery and supporting them to become brave, bold leaders in business and life.
Brand Strategy
Brand Identity

The Challenge

HAÛS underwent a transformative journey moving from a founder's personal brand, to a business brand consultancy. The transition was intended to elevate their brand perception and expand their online reach. The rebrand required a 'back to basics' approach, redefining the brand's positioning, messaging, communication strategy (including brand name and tagline) and their visual identity.

The Solution

Our solution involved extensive brand workshops and individual coaching sessions, delving deep into HAÛS's unique essence. We conducted extensive market research and competitor analysis to identify HAÛS's unique value proposition (USP) and positioning in the market. Drawing upon these insights, we emphasised HAÛS's expertise, credibility, and authority in the field of leadership development, while retaining its authentic voice and personal touch. This involved redefining the brand's messaging, visual identity, and customer experience to better resonate with its target audience and communicate its value proposition effectively. The result was a reinvigorated and refined brand that not only reinforced HAÛS's position as a leader in its industry but also attracted new clients and opportunities for growth.

What they say

"Working with Melissa and the EMBR team has been a wonderful experience from start to finish, to enable my business brand to grow with my vision and mission. Reviewing the foundations of my business through the lens of brand has enabled me to wholeheartedly step into an elevated space for my business. I would 100% recommend working with the team, who take care to truly understand your business, values and desires whilst continuously challenging you. It's been a wonderful experience!"

Natalie - Founder

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