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Be who you were created to be, and set the world on fire.

You’ve got the best idea and a proven track record, but you’re struggling to stand out from the pack. You’ve got what it takes to make it big, but your message just isn't landing, and let's be honest, you’re not sure on it either.

You’re messy in the middle and mediocre on the outside. No one knows who you are or what makes you different. Confusion rules the narrative.

So let’s clarify the chaos, set you apart from the crowd, then make the world sit up and pay attention.

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Fiery By Name,
Fiery By Nature

EMBR Brand Agency is here to ignite the spark. Our approach helps you unlock your brand’s fiery potential by developing new ideas and instigating transformation within existing brands. So are you ready to shine?

Our Difference

The Why

We believe that great brands, and the people behind them, can and will change the world.

The How

Data driven insights
World class methodology, simply put. Research and insight at the heart of everything we do.
Inside-out branding
We get to the crux of what makes you and your brand tick. Unlocking your brand DNA and building in a way that sets your soul on fire.
Future focused
We don’t gate keep the good stuff. We share the knowledge to ensure you and your team become the brand custodians of the future.

The What

Shaping the way people consider, experience, and buy your brand.

Our Team

With decades of strategy and creative experience, growing brands is what we do best.


Brand Strategist & Consultant


Marketing Strategist & Consultant


Brand & Web Design


Website Design & Development


Senior Graphic Designer


Visual Media Guru


Senior Graphic Designer

Ready to do things a little differently?

At EMBR, we do things a little differently. We build brands from the inside out, so they can set the world on fire. From Brand Strategy to Website Design, we know how to get you seen.

Let Us Show You How