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What's your brand blindspot?

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22 January 2021

So you know that you’re ready to take your brand to the next level, but you’re unsure of where to start. You’ve been in this game long enough to know that a brand is so much more than a logo, but with the avalanche of often confusing information circling around out there, taking that next step towards brand development can feel like a minefield. 

Well if that’s where you’re at, don’t worry, we’ve got you!

Brand building is a huge topic with so many different components that combine to make you ‘successful,’ but it really does get to be easy once you know how it all works.

One of the best ways to understand where to start is to first identify your brand blindspots.

So what is a brand blindspot?

Noun: blindspot 

  • an area where a person's view is obstructed.

A brand blindspot is the part of your brand (or business) which is stopping you from building a long term brand legacy. It’s the area where you may be holding yourself back, but of which you may not even know about. 

It’s the part of your brand that you need to focus on in order to unlock your brand potential, to explode your results and to start to build that legacy of the future.  

You might already have a few ideas about where your brand blindspot is but equally, by the very notion of having a ‘blindspot,’ you might be totally unaware of what it is and that’s ok!

But if you’ve got big plans for the future then you’re gonna want to get a solid brand strategy framework in place, which means it’s time to shine a light on those dark areas.

We’re gonna be digging into each of the most common brand blindspot areas (The 4Cs) in a bit more detail over the next few blogs, but for now, here’s an overview of The 4Cs. 

Do any of them sound familiar? 

Blindspot #1 - CLARITY 

You know that if you want to build a business legacy, you have to have a solid brand strategy framework in place. The problem is, you're confused and overwhelmed with the idea of it all.

You know that there’s a lot to cover but you’re unsure of where to start. So you end up spinning all the plates, trying to do all the right things. Keeping up with the ‘on trend’ marketing tactics and social media hacks, but you're burnt out and uninspired. Struggling to get visible for the right reasons. Hustling to be heard and unable to attract your ideal audience with ease and flow. 

Things feel overwhelming and hard right now. 

Like pushing water up a hill. 

You just need someone to break that cycle. To give you the knowledge. The framework. The tools.

Because once you know HOW to build a brand the right way, you know that you’re gonna be unstoppable.

Blindspot #2 - CONFIDENCE

You started your business with a head full of ideas and a heart full of passion. Maybe you’ve been in business a while now, evolved your offers and services and pivoted a couple of times. Or perhaps you’re a brand new start-up with huge ambitions and an even bigger drive to succeed. Either way, you know that your current brand does not reflect the internal vision that you have so you struggle to show up and shine in your very best way. 

Your DIY branding might be inconsistent across different platforms as you try to figure out how to operate and what message to put out there. There’s a disconnect between what’s in your head (your vision) and what the world sees of your business (your branding).

It makes you feel unprofessional, embarrassed even. 

But you know that with the right structure, education and understanding of what it takes to really build a legacy brand, you’ll be able to show up magnetically. To speak with confidence, sharing your story and message as the leader that you were born to be. Attracting dream customers with ease and taking your business to that next level. 

Blindspot #3 - CONNECTION

You’ve been creating content and building your brand online but your message never seems to land in the right way. You know that it’s important to build those deeper connections to your clients and customers, but you’re struggling to do it in a way that feels authentic. (I mean, no one wants a sleazy sales pitch do they?)

The dream would be to have an inbox full of leads. A sales pipeline filled with obsessed fans who hang off your brands’ every word. Loyal customers who keep coming back for more.

You need to know how to build a brand that develops those deeper connections with your audience. Because connection really is the only way to build loyalty for the long term. And intimacy is the true key to success. 


Blindspot #3 - CREDIBILITY

You know you’re an expert at what you do. I mean, the feedback and testimonials speak for themselves. 

But the problem is that your current brand doesn’t reflect that high level of experience and expertise that you have. You’ve got a decent following and online ‘friends’ who are happy to take free advice, but converting them into paying clients, well that’s a different story. 

So now it’s time for the rest of the world to recognise your genius. It’s time to increase the perceived value of your brand. To be seen as THE go-to expert in your field, the one that everyone recommends.  You want to offer a premium client experience, consistent across all touchpoints because let’s be frank. You’re not building an Instagram business here…you’re here to build a legacy!

Press features, speaking gigs, fully booked charging premium prices….that's the name of the game here. 

You just need the right guidance to show you how.

Drop us a message and let EMBR show you how.

Melissa x

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