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The Number One Mistake that Entrepreneurs Make

Written by
Melissa Matson
Published on
22 January 2021

A short and snappy entry this week, but I’ve been having quite a few conversations with some incredibly smart and passionate entrepreneurs and a common theme has cropped up that I just want to address here because it’s soooo important. In fact, I’d go so far as to say it’s my mission to make sure that ALL entrepreneurs don’t make this error in order to save themselves a lot of time, energy and money in the long run.

The number one mistake that I see entrepreneurs making is they go to a designer and ask for a logo and a website to be created. The designer then does that for them (taking their cash, thank you very much) without any real brand strategy behind it. Then after a few months of putting their logo out there and launching their website, the business owner wonders why their marketing doesn’t work or why they are struggling to make sales. 

It’s because there is no real strategy behind it. 

Let me put it to you another way. 

Creating a brand visual identity without a solid brand strategy is like taking your car to the garage and telling the mechanic that it’s got a broken fan belt. So the mechanic fixes the fan belt because you told them to, but really he knows that it’s the engine which has the problem. Surely you’d want the mechanic to fix the actual problem, i.e the engine? You’re not gonna get very far without it!

A brand strategy really is the foundation for long term sustainable business growth as it makes sure that your brand connects to your audience and helps you to build up that trust and loyalty that is so essential in today's digital space. 

A logo and a pretty website just ain’t gonna cut it anymore because, let’s face it, EVERYONE has those these days and it’s just not enough of a differentiating factor. Your brand has to have more substance. It has to have more depth.

So if you’re thinking that now’s the time to get down to some serious business and you’re ready to go all in and create a brand that really stops the scroll and attracts the right sort of clients and customers, drop me a note cause we're ready when you are!

Melissa x

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